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Founded in 2001, LSTI has seen more than 2,000 students graduate from our campuses in Vancouver, British Columbia. At LSTI, you have the opportunity to receive professional security training through courses that are designed, approved and accredited by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

LSTI offers Basic Security Training (BST), as well as courses on topics such as loss prevention. Courses are held at our two training centres in Vancouver and Surrey. Once your training is complete, we can use our many professional contacts to find the right employer for you.


At some point (or several times) in your career as a security officer, you may be called upon to do things you never imagined. With the right security training, you can help prevent a crime — or even save a life. LSTI can help you become an exemplary guardian of public safety, a position few may ever understand or appreciate, but one for which you may rightfully be called a “hero” one day.

Although many miles from our security training centres in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, the spirit of LSTI began with the pioneering policing concepts of Sir Robert Peel in London, England. It was Sir Peel that passed the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829. This Act created a modern police force that lived by Peel’s nine principles for policing, including use of force as a last resort, how to gain and maintain the public trust, as well as how to be a model citizen. These principles are still in use today in police and security forces throughout the world. At LSTI in Vancouver and Surrey, we have been following in the footsteps of Sir Robert Peel for over 15 years.